@ Lou. Whilst at JCU in cairns I did an …

Comment on Voting for change? Don’t hold your breath. by Janet Brown.

@ Lou. Whilst at JCU in cairns I did an assignment in social policy class for which I received a HD result. It was on our hospitals. The research found that the move to privatise hospitals was all Labor design. The reality is Labor implemented policies to remove the health protection for Australians. The liberals reversed that program. Sorry to disappoint you. The education and disability schemes you refer to are Labor seeking re election. These election campaigning propaganda stories are full of talk and no substance. As I said Labor is about big government. And please keep your fairy dust in your eyes. I would hate to be the one to bring reality back to life for you.

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@ Lou please enlighten us with what infrastructure has been done in Australia. And what changes to education. If you are referring to the current education reforms, sorry they are not planned till 2015. SAo please enlighten us. And your eloquent description of socialist is explained even better in plain English. Bulging government departments jealous of private money and enterprise building.

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