Congratulations to the NT government and comunity for succeeding in …

Comment on Consumers to pay for flawed container deposit tax by Jeff Angel, National Convenor, Boomerang Alliance.

Congratulations to the NT government and comunity for succeeding in reinstating the Cash for Containers program.
The Food and Grocery Council, Coca Cola et al have had plenty of opportunity to prove their case and influence politicians – but failed at every turn.
For example their claim a container deposit system will impose a $300 hit to the family budget has been discredited. It is allegedly based on the NT experience, but their assumption that the price of every drink will rise by 20cents if we had a national CD system is wrong – never happened in the NT (many prices were much lower) nor South Australia.
And the CD scheme being proposed for Australia and other states will be based on efficient systems such as no brand splits and extensive use of reverse vending machines like the one in Nightcliffe Shopping Centre, Darwin, which handles tens of thousands of containers every week.
The alternatives proposed by the AFGC could never achieve the great recycling and container litter reduction levels of a container deposit system.

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