Could the proposed stadium be built in several stages, thus …

Comment on Fitness, child care, 457 Visas on Town Council wish list by Gary Bell.

Could the proposed stadium be built in several stages, thus allowing for lessening of the initial cost?
The stadium appears to be a great idea and judging by the use of the people already, it would be used.
Extension for the Grevillea Child Care Centre on the Eastside creating 45 more places is also a significant application. Can a sponsor be sought to partially fund this project?
The ranger project would be an advantage to the continuing “tourist industry” and environmental issues.
I fully support the 457 Visa program, because of the skills and attitude that people under this program bring to the community in which they live.

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What the Feds can do for our tourism
Great initiatives. I am a supporter of the 457 Visa program and also the use and engagement of the youth, as they are mostly very inventive with ideas.

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