I am looking for an artist. Her name is or …

Comment on Finding the songs left to sing by On behalf of the 2014 Prom Committee.

I am looking for an artist. Her name is or was Alice Rena she made soft sculptures something like this.
Love at the Gap View by Sia Cox. (If that is the name for the man.) I know some young ladies, even men, do not like to wear real flowers around their wrist or in your suit jackets and was wondering if she could make some of her flowers most life like.
She might be on your list of artist if so please contact: City of Hudson Chamber of Commerce 1 N. Front St. Hudson NY 12534 (518)828-4417. They have your tax codes needed for your tax write offs. Thank you and have a great life:) She lived in Schenectady, if that helps.

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