It remains to be seen whether Tina McFarlane will get …

Comment on MacFarlane water allocation – rigorous and followed due process, says expert by Edan Baxter.

It remains to be seen whether Tina McFarlane will get across the line on Saturday, but it is definitely looking close. It is also pretty reasonable to assume that the CLP / FNPP arrangements that worked so well at the last election are in play again – so this is likely to further add to Ms McFarlane’s chances.
Good timing with this article AS NEWS; it is good that independent identities like Mr Childs and the AS NEWS have taken the time to do some research and communicate findings back to electors.
On the other hand, I’m still left wanting to know more about what type of Federal Representative Ms McFarlane would actually be for the Territory.
Political persuasions aside, the NT needs Fed representation that can “talk straight” without needing the seek permission from the party machine.
Don’t get me wrong, the CLP has some good Territorians on the team – a number I’d call friends – … but there are also some dodgy-hacks in the mix. No-one should want them to be pulling the strings of NT’s future at a Federal level.
At a party level, will Ms McFarlane stand up to these identities and cut them loose when necessary?
Will Ms McFarlane stand up for all Territorians and articulate the underpinning rationale for the New Wave of policies that are likely to be coming out of Darwin and Canberra very soon?

Edan Baxter Also Commented

MacFarlane water allocation – rigorous and followed due process, says expert
It’s also worth noting that this matter is being reported very differently by AAP (only hours seperating articles in fact). With your permission AS NEWS, here is the link:
Whatever the case here, gee, wouldn’t it be nice to hear Ms McFarlane grab the mic and shut this one down with the authority, once and for all.
One of Ms McFarlane’s few quotes on the record, back in 2010: “This is not just about us, it’s about the future of the agriculture industry in the Territory,” Mrs MacFarlane said.
But having said that, that quote does come from a time when we had a different government at the helm. We have all seen how quickly things can change on water policy.
But still, it’d be great to actually learn more about Ms McFarlane’s vision for the future. Maybe it could inspire all Territorians towards a new way? Is it more aligned to the Gina Reinehart model for Northern Development?
As AS NEWS asks: Is there anybody out there?
Personally, I’m putting it on the public record that I have reserved my democratic right to be very cynical about this election.
My position may change if I hear the word “mandate”.

Recent Comments by Edan Baxter

Is the Stuart statue next?
Guns aside, so many loaded sentences in this letter Hal.
Why are so many contributers to the discussions about this artwork so quick to recast the narrative (past and present) so simplisticly?
Contemporary Central Australia should hold the line and continue to aspire to better story telling about this matter.
Undoubtedly, the Stuart Statue remains arguably one of the most important pieces of public art to be installed in our region – and it is important to remember that those in the community who spoke out in varying degrees of disappointment about the 2010 installation (i.e. originally planned for the town council lawns), were from many different backgrounds and perspectives, and contributed to the public debate about this artwork intelligently and in a dignified manner.
As regards the relevant international developments to which you refer (and Stan Grant’s local contextualization), all I have heard “on cue” are lightweight puff pieces in mainstream media (looking at you NT News) and the usual conservative hyperventilators who more often than not, are missing the point.

Four more years of same-same
So much discombobulation amongst the Alice Springs News commentariat at the moment.
Anyone would think that conservatives lost this election they way most of you are all carrying on.

It’s all in a weekend’s work for nerds
For interested readers there is a full list of all the projects at this url:
Just filter by “NT” or “Alice Springs” or “Darwin”.
If you are a business or organisation interested in furthering the development of any of the protoype concepts, please get in touch with the respective team leaders.

Call for regional ministry in wake of police fiasco
What could the realistic fiscal cost/saving be? A few staff salaries and related costs? Doesn’t make sense!
Let us hope this is an early stuff-up and an apology and corrective response is forthcoming.
Anyway, this surely signals that the new government’s honeymoon period is over.

Skywalk Budget item could be game changer for Alice
Very kind of you to mention me in this visionary (pun intended) piece Erwin – although I could have sworn I told you recently I was keeping a low profile on the politiking front!
Anyway I’ll take a piece of the wild dog bait for the sake of the story.
Whilst I concur with the vibe “it is an exciting time to be a Centralian”, I would encourage voters (in Araluen in particular) to keep an open mind about the promises and commitments (and lack thereof) made during this extended election campaign.
Further, (and I don’t want to rain on this feel-good skywalk story too much), readers should know that whilst digital technology has great potential, you’re still going to need to need to work intelligently with AAPA, Councils, Parks, TOs et al to get things done. Believe it or not they do all actually exist to perform what should / could be a valued function in the governance affairs (and distribution of powers) in the NT. A high quality, high traffic skywalk without signage, protective railings or viewing platforms is not possible otherwise, no matter how good the supporting digital app technology.
Don’t get me wrong I do surely find entertaining the image of Steve Brown, atop Mt Gillen, cutting through a giant piece of red tape. But for me personally I’ll be storing this one in my scrapbook of glossy info-graphics and filing under “Alice Springs News classic hits” for now.
I look forward to learning more about this and other budget allocations (from all parties and other candidates) in coming weeks.

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