Family values heh? What a joke. …

Comment on Has councillor brought Town Council into disrepute? by Ruth.

Family values heh? What a joke.

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Human rights, centre stage
“Something is either just or it is not”? “Simple most stand alone most powerful of words”?
Oh Jeezus, I can’t even bother correcting my spelling mistakes. I wish I could say something really obscene. You are all incredibly clever. Put your privileged wonderful knowledge back on the shelf with the nice art work and do something real. These are only words, lovely round English ones.

Human rights, centre stage
Congratulations Rainer, you work your butt off, you truly beleive in what you do and put your heart and soul into it.
Well deserved.

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
Thanks Rainer!

Rowley Hill’s family says thank you
Thank you for this heart-warming article. What a truly wonderful bunch of family, friends and community Rowley has. Special wishes to his close family who are all amazing!!

Skate trial in the Mall: council turns its back on the kids
The picture paints a thousand words …

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