Before we look at getting more money for the issues …

Comment on Cr Kudrenko puts poverty and disadvantage on council agenda by Frank.

Before we look at getting more money for the issues that arrive, perhaps it’s high time an analysis was done on what percent of fines are paid in what ways. Some may go to fines-recovery, some paid outright, some are put on a payment plan, some may have their wages garnisheed.
Comments from community members I have talked to indicate many allow their fines to go to recovery and organise to pay them off at only a few dollars a week (usually with the help of legal aid).
Another interesting item might involve re-writing the ticket / ticket system for inter-state (registered automobiles) visitors to ensure they pay their violations prior to departure or add on any associated recovery fees for the co-operation of interstate authorities.
It may be a case of ensuring better payment of the fines already issued over increasing the amount claimed per instance.

Recent Comments by Frank

Let’s not waste a good scandal
Ian Sharp, I do not wish to take the comments off-topic however I will point out something for you. He stood, asked to be appointed, and to live life in the public forum.
I am commenting from a position of safety where I do not feel a threat from talking (online). You know I am here and have an opinion, you are far too concerned about WHO, when you should be a lot more concerned about WHAT and WHY.
Mr Rennie, I really am not asking for such changes (although the controversy attached to them would make for exciting news).
I am however asking that Mr Booth be considered in accordance with his actions and that ASTC look into how they can recover costs for the community. Perhaps we can ask for the “allowance” he has received to be returned.
Even if not enforceable in law, there is no harm in the ASTC asking for their money back! Indeed, a pizza shop might give you a free pizza or your money back if they deliver the wrong one and you asked them.
I would encourage ASTC to seek justification, and if possible enforce redress.
We need a certain quality of person in these positions. In no way do I wish to discourage people from putting their hand up, but I do wish to discourage people with the wrong motivation behind them.
I would like very much to hear from Mr Booth on the matter rather than leaving it to pure speculation. Show us Mr Booth, you have respect for the position you once held.
Address the Alice Springs News Online and the issues we readers have raised. Mr Booth, you owe us an apology, please help us understand, we do want to!

‘Have you got Bruce yet?’
It is interesting to note just how much this effected the community of residents in Alice. In the past, in the interest of public safety, the Alice Springs Town Council has put up a reward for information leading to arrests (rock throwing), indeed it may appear that the reward is still current as well as other rewards by Council.

It makes me wonder, would this missing “Bruce” be on the average citizens most wanted list? And would the Alice Springs Town Council be willing to offer such a reward in this instance?

I am also wondering if the guys who are in Jail are restricted in any way (no privileges, etc) until they decide to cooperate with police and provide the identity of the third man.

It really is a important that the community be and feel safe. While this man is free to offend again, without rehabilitation, nobody is safe.

Let’s not waste a good scandal
Mr Sharp, I am sitting here wondering WHY you would need or want to know my full identity? I would rather be free to state my own honest views and opinion thank you all the same.
Some people are so closed minded that they are happy to be put into a box where other community members start to harbour a relationship or friendship simply because they appear to share a single viewpoint or opinion.
For all you know I could indeed be a member of the council staff, completely fed up with the way things are running, and have not been able to implement change from within my work environment and while seeking alternative employment I may be evaluating my options.
Regardless, I am still entitled to my opinion and I choose to share it with the Alice Springs News Online.
Whatever your rational reason, the idea that you must be able to seek out the actual individual and pin-point them to their physical location suggests a more sinister motive behind your cry for my identification.

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