Is Mr Booth enrolled to vote in the election? I …

Comment on Expensive by-election, date set by Frank.

Is Mr Booth enrolled to vote in the election?
I am wondering if he actually lives in WA or the NT now.
Also, whom does he support? I want to know whom not to vote for!

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Imparja board gets legal advice on CEO after escort agency bid
No parent wants their child to become a sex worker, ever!
It is for this reason that the “Family Values” that Mr Booth misrepresented left us feeling like we were so betrayed as a people.
If Imparja has something in their constitution about similar values and morals.
If they do not, they may decide that they do not want such a man involved and move to introduce a policy and ask him to step down.
This isn’t just about what is legally enforceable.
Morals and ethics are often not enforceable in law.

Crime scene investigators check every unlawful entry
Don’t worry Alice Springs, we will take the kids home and let them go.
The reason the number is so high is because they can arrest and release the same children multiple times in the same night.
Think about it, 1148 offences, attributed to 274 arrests? Just over four offences per arrest… CRAZY.

Cr Kudrenko puts poverty and disadvantage on council agenda
Mr Russell Guy,

The fines for parking offences in Alice Springs are very low and I have known interstate registered cars not to have their parking tickets follow them home. Instead, should they not pay, they are never tracked down because interstate authorities want more than the face value of the ticket as a fee for the processing of the ticket interstate, so it in fact costs ASTC, so they do not follow through on the ticket. Essentially the honest and decent ones pay, and the dishonest uncaring ones don’t, and there is no consequences.

Let’s not waste a good scandal
When a council member quits because they are essentially not interested any more and have something else / different / new / shiny to play with – is there any kind of precedent to make the member contribute towards the costs of the by-election?
It really does feel like he wants the town to pay the ultimate price in every way. What kind of person gets into a position like this without the ability to even follow through on the short term clearly set out before him at the beginning of his stance for election? If this was high-school these actions might be acceptable, but a grown man deciding that he wants to do something else now?
He clearly stated he wants to go do something involving more money (“expanding business interests”). Honestly Alice Springs Town Council needs to stand up for us and demand he pay for this election.
We all know the real reason for his resignation was probably because he didn’t want to get fired and be told off in the ASTC meeting. He has run away like a scared little child sooner than face up to the consequences of his actions. And ASTC has let him!

Terrifying ordeal at gunpoint: multiple rapes of European tourists, one suspect still unidentified
Can we not lock these guys up for twice as long because they failed to hand over their friend?
Some provision is be made in the law to further punish these folks, but the police and the prosecutors are not willing to bring the full force of the law!
Would it not be adept to charge these folks with harbouring a fugitive when they fail to hand over their friend? Does not the charge of harbouring a fugitive carry with it the same penalty of the crime the fugitive is wanted for? As such, by electing to not hand over the friend, can we not make these people suffer a second sentencing for the same crime? Further, is it not possible to make them serve their terms consecutively? in effect turning a 20 year term into a 40 year term? Just because they want to protect the identity of their mate!
If they really want to protect their friend, can we not have the police use the full extent of the law to punish these offenders and protect society? As a tax paying citizen it seems unjust that we allow someone to return to society in an expedited manner when they have not co-operated to the fullest extent possible and ensure society stays at risk even with them behind bars.
I do not understand why the police chief and the politicians are so quiet about it all. This event damaged the international reputation of the township as a tourist destination and some politicians were highly vocal at the time of the event, yet silently embarrassed at the outcome?

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