I agree Erwin. I spent a week trying to convince …

Comment on Bush Mechanics fires on one cylinder by Bob.

I agree Erwin. I spent a week trying to convince mates to attend and shouted them 5 x $35 tickets (no refunds I’m guessing).
We all agreed to leave at the intermission. There were no original ‘bush mechanics’ apart from Francis Kelly and two members from Yuendumu who appeared in the series (who were the prisoners).
This show was not well thought out, no relevance to the postie bikes and no big screen. After speaking to some of the original ‘bush mechanics’ who were not involved in any way shape or form, we all wondered how the show would be put together.
We all agreed this was embarrassing for all those who worked on the PAW Media productions.
I now regret thinking the rest of the festival would be crap and didn’t purchase tix for the next two days.
I would have to say Dr Elephant at the Eastside Club for $10 was the best entertainment investment made in Alice Springs for over 10 years. Unfortunately the Arulka Corp stuffed this one and shouldn’t have attempted a recreation of the legendary Yeperenye festival without at least $4m.
Wonder what chance we will have of having a regular cultural festival now.

Recent Comments by Bob

‘Get the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority into line’
@1. Thanks for the comments Steve. Obviously you don’t realize there are many people with different opinions than yourself. I think you need to read the comments more carefully and ‘hear’ what is being said. Unfortunately you appear to have the view that people need to agree with you or they are against the idea of ‘wanting a reasonably harmonious economically viable town where there’s a good chance for everybody to live a happy and fulfilling life.’ Somehow our views don’t include this?
It is true, this town needs some direction, but this won’t happen until it is realised by all parties that local traditional owners have constantly been forced to compromise their sacred sites for the ‘benefit’ of wider society – just so we can live ‘harmoniously’.
Come on Steve take a good hard look at what is being said to you (by all the people commenting) before you make your next comment.

‘Get the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority into line’
Out of all these comments, Steve you don’t realize what is being said.
Arrente people and the 6-8 other language groups in Central Australia need to conserve what is left of our culture, (as for the rest of the country has none left).
We do not want any more people coming to live here in Central Australia and would prefer more people left and returned to other states (or back to their own bloody countries).
We know we may die out eventually and then you can do whatever you want with our mineral rich country and all its glory.
The only thing you don’t like, is that you may have to wait another 1,000 years before we may have suffered enough from the effects of assimilation and genocide. (As stated, ‘we will not lay down and die’.)

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