I agree that creating a culture of work among youth …

Comment on Get serious with people on the dole: Anderson by Kathy McConnell.

I agree that creating a culture of work among youth should be our top priority. It isn’t a simple and straightforward task, but developing our local human resources is our best investment.

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$500m university, ‘techno’ plans for Desert Knowledge
As impressed as I am to hear that there will be Central Australian input into an Australian-produced super car, with Indigenous design inspirations and kangaroo-skin seat covers, this is going to happen at the Desert Knowledge precinct?
As part of a $500 million technology park?
Something has obviously been lost in translation. Although there are varying opinions about the success of DKA to date, the original premise of the project was to work collaboratively and cooperatively across remote Australia to increase economic participation.
It is my understanding that the precinct is a public asset, albeit with caveats and limitations, but if commercial opportunities are going to be explored, when will these opportunities become publicly known?
When can other commercial operators have their proposals competitively assessed against a known criteria?
Apology for the ongoing motor car analogy, but in the rhetoric, we seem to be driving a very fast car, but where are we going?
In reality, nowhere.

Anderson joins Country Liberals, will target shires, growth towns, commercial development, ‘separatism’ in education
Re: Phil Walcott’s comment.
Mr Skelton’s book could only be considered an “interesting read” by those people whose usual reading list includes trashy magazines and gossip columns. I read it with an open mind and got to approximately page 5 before I found the first egregious error in a long line of them. Sadly, reading that book made me contemplate the therapeutic qualities of book-burning for the first time.
Don’t kid yourself – Skelton’s book is neither the result of a proper five-year long investigation, nor is it non-fiction.
Non-fiction investigations make credible arguments based on the facts and do not leave out certain facts simply because they diminish the author’s orginal argument. Otherwise, the result is a dissolute fictional tome with an obvious political agenda – one that you seem to appreciate, Phil!
Perhaps you aren’t so Independent after all!

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