When I was living up in Alice Springs, I skated. …

Comment on Mall skater’s $576 fine: is it fair? by Brad.

When I was living up in Alice Springs, I skated. I was normally the one who would be taking the photographs and taking video.
I believe this is such a counterproductive thing to be happening. Matty Day has worked real hard to get skate boarding Australia to come into Alice as a hub for NT Skateboarding.
The majority of us aren’t criminals. I was a lifeguard at the pool, others are IT gurus.
We are not out to hurt anyone or damage anyone’s property, so why are we not allowed to skate in the mall?
The fact of the matter is that Marco did nothing wrong. If the ranger failed to produce ID then clearly the misinterpretation is on the ranger, who clearly needs better interpersonal skills, and needs some more ranger training.

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