So the power-rangers write a ticket … who else in …

Comment on Mall skater’s $576 fine: is it fair? by Keeping it Real.

So the power-rangers write a ticket … who else in this town knows as well as I do that if you write the council telling them you want to contest the ticket in court, it will be the last you hear of it.
Council has to hire a lawyer and that will be over a thousand bucks. If the council actually gets lucky and wins, then the most they get out of it is less than $100 in costs. Any fines ordered go to the NT Government Treasury. The council gets nothing but a debt of a thousand bucks to a lawyer. It’s called winning the battle but losing the war.
It must be about 18 or more years since the council last took somebody to court over a ticket. They just can’t afford it.
Given the council track record of losing in court for the other matters, it would seem the ticket holder has the upper hand up already.
BTW Mr Steve Brown … your comment on this issue just lost you my vote in next council election.

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