The Red Centre is not an easy visit for a …

Comment on Government tourism promotion: value for money? by Nimby.

The Red Centre is not an easy visit for a camera toting Japanese senior / family, let’s face it.
Neither would many Chinese come. I don’t think Alice is particularly family friendly.
It is presently better geared to the youthful Euro / local / English speaking hardy adventurer / shoestring backpacker, reflected in the local agents’ advertisements.
But the real money is up north at present, in Asia, not the stricken EU and many English speaking countries. Also, interstate city business, if there were enough attractions of interest to this demographic.
The dollars aren’t generally plentiful in the Vang Vieng tuber crowd.
Russell, I agree with much of what you say, including the grog issue. It’s a safety factor for tourists.
The big draw points of Alice should be the unique landscape and Aboriginal led adventure.
There are cultural issues with the latter group that simply must change. Not easy to convince some people that culture changes, but the world was once flat.
Hats off to those who are actually trying to bring in the tourists, not throwing taxpayer money at it.
It is difficult to interpret the $701 spend figure.

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It should indeed be on the dinner table.
Uranium oxide is at a low and the mining industry in general is likely in the process of an interim decline.
This means that key personnel and soon, mining logistics, should be purchased relatively cheaply.
It’s a little early and more of a reconnoitre, a toe in the water.

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Who is paying for it?

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@ Sandy: I agree, the ABC is more commie than comedy. The truth cannot be told in all its glory as it is probably offensive (and funny).
The ABC would be pitiable, but its our money.
Let’s make it pay for view. The results will be very funny indeed 🙂

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