Funding education is certainly essential for our country’s future, but …

Comment on Bright students to take a hit in government cut-backs by Michael.

Funding education is certainly essential for our country’s future, but unfortunately the current NTG has been elected into a position of great debt, prompting cuts all over the board.
Schools in the NT are already over-funded compared to schools in other parts of Australia and so many would have suffered under the Federal Labor Government’s Gonski reforms, as ‘over-funded’ schools would not be provided with support.
While this sounds good in principle, the over-funding is a result of the high percentages of Aboriginal students in these schools and so of course extra resources are required as many of these pupils are learning English as a second language. Increased funding will be needed in these schools over the coming years, but this wouldn’t have happened under the Gonski reforms.
Of course it is disappointing that our public high schools are suffering, but the reality in most cases is that private school education is better than public school education, as private schools have their own funding and aren’t influenced by changing governments.
Ideally we would all like to see public schools providing the best quality education, but that is not reality as private schools rely on their higher education standards to draw students to their schools, which of course is the major source of income for private schools.
People just need to accept that public schools, particularly in the NT, are incapable of providing the highest standards of education, as sad as this fact may be.

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