Skating in the mall? Hope council has really good insurance …

Comment on Will the NOs have it on skating in the mall? by V. Garner.

Skating in the mall? Hope council has really good insurance because hundred mile an hour kids on wheels and pedestrians are not a safe mix. This “senior” would most certainly be VERY upset if knocked over.
However, we could just vote with our feet and not go near the place. Now, how much did that upgrade cost?

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Library ban: where will all the young ones go?
The use of the library to engage with troubled youth has a side effect. As an older person I feel intimidated and unsafe so no longer visit the library.

Councillors: do we need Federal intervention on ‘crime wave’?
I have lived here for close to seventy years, in town and out Bush. I have never been afraid. Cautious at times but never afraid. Now I don’t go out at night and tiptoe around town very carefully during the day. Went in to do some shopping at Woolies on Sunday and had a fright when a group of trouble makers rushed into the centre, in off the street. The teenage girls waving their arms about and yelling and spreading out so I had nowhere to go. Thankfully a security guard appeared. We have people being attacked by these kids in broad daylight as well as at night. I have had two cars broken into, one in broad daylight and one at night while home. We are being bullied, day and night by children who are threatening people in the street and breaking into our homes while we are sleeping. No more excuses for this behaviour! Stop treating some Aboriginal people like poor little unintelligent lesser beings. They know right from wrong. This town is now a dangerous place and some thing has to be done to fix that.

Government accused of unfair competition
This argument has been discussed at VERY great length around Australia over the last few years.
There are many travellers who do not wish to pay the “bells and whistles” prices at caravan parks with all the extras such as pools etc.
These travellers will pretty much ignore towns that do not provide the cheaper options and the majority of businesses suffer because of a couple of caravan park owners!
Towns that provide the cheaper camping options benefit by having visitors stay, often for many days at a time, and spending money in the town.
For the benefit of the majority of businesses let’s keep the cheaper option going at the show grounds.

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
Why is it that long time residents’ opinions are totaly ignored by the “we’re here to make a quick buck before we move somewhere else” crowd?
Things we don’t want changed are changed by them and then they bugger off somewhere else, leaving us with their mess and loss of town character.

Allegations, no proof on bottlo shut-down
I am sick to death of grog shops in supermarkets and all that entails!
Why can’t grog shops be kept in completely seperate areas of town so we can do our shopping in peace.
The proliferation of grog shops is ridiculous in a town of this size.

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