FYI Mrs Lambley actually spent Saturday morning at a fundraising …

Comment on Giles, Conlan and Lambley snub Mbantua Festival by Voice of reason.

FYI Mrs Lambley actually spent Saturday morning at a fundraising event for the Wig Library, of which she is the patron.
And why would the Minister for Health be expected to attend a festival? Can understand questioning the attendance of the Minister for Tourism and Major Events but not quite sure why Adam or Robyn would be expected to attend?

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The Jam Nights are dead. Long live the Jam Nights!
There are a number of glaring errors in this article including the line saying the Jam night was held at the Todd Tavern for 30 years. It was held at Uncles Tavern last year. And how did the Todd Tavern close its doors on the night when it was the club’s choice to move to the Memo Club? I’m also confused – when did Carmody become chair? Their website suggests differently.
[ED – Jenn today checked by email with Mr Carmody about his position in the ASDMC and he emailed back: “Yes I am chairman.”]

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