I would like to post a question to Arrulka Business …

Comment on Sparks fly between Festival and Imparja, sacred sites authority by Sally.

I would like to post a question to Arrulka Business Corporation. How many local Aboriginal, particularly Arrente people, helped organise this event from outside the event organisers?
I believe a substantial amount of money was granted for this festival, in which not many local people were utilised. It is one thing to have asked Aboriginal corporations and orgnisations to help promote the event, or to showcase their business, it is another to utilise the skills and knowledge of local Aboriginal people. Too often you see event organisers going interstate. Where did the money go from the revenue of ticket sales?

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New post office shed to cope with online shopping parcels
Very sad to see this town known for its on-line shopping dominance … no wonder all the shops are closing. My parents always said to me “everything in moderation”, shame this kind of thinking has not been passed on to the next generation.

Ryan’s agenda to reform land council: broad support from members?
It will be interesting to see how many boards and committees some well known people have dominated to line their own pockets. Whether or not they have the best intentions. I’ve known of many Aboriginal men who have sat on many boards, while being paid to do so. A lot of board members are chosen due to their family status / influence or simply elected because they are related to someone. Let the truth come out.

Paech: Town Council should ‘combat bigotry’
I agree. Enough is enough! Sick and tired of the Council wasting time on matters that are purely political. I want the Council to get back to the basics “the community”.
We all want to live in a safe environment, that doesn’t cost you and arm and a leg. The lack of support form the Council has directly impacted on the local businesses. They like to be seen to helping “new mall committee” when it’s all too late. More closures to come.

Plans for new skate facility welcome but flawed
Reminds of the Mall Redevelopment. Lack of consultation. By consultation I mean actually listening to the locals before key decisions had been finalised. They are still fixing up mistakes and guess what … let’s waste some more money, putting in extra shade structures because we didn’t listen to the locals who suggested we add more parking and suitable shaded areas.
Shame on the Council. Another missed opportunity.

Disconnecting Alice
Well said Steve…common sense really! The place looks arty farty. Would be interesting to know if any true locals were consulted? We need to fix this before we end up with more closed doors and empty shops. Have any of the designers/consultants actually utilised this area during the middle of the day…sat on those metal seats, under metal shades?

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