Don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock in …

Comment on Sparks fly between Festival and Imparja, sacred sites authority by Matt Roberts.

Don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock in town, but I barely knew any details of the festival, nor when it was on or the high caliber of acts that were in town!

Recent Comments by Matt Roberts

Cr Brown is the new Deputy Mayor
Looks like “Fred” and “Steve” are running in the council by-election. Probably representing the Keyboard Warrior Party.

Tiny minority runs Rock, ‘working’ towards closing climb
Yet they still happily take the $25 per person to enter the national park.

The Big One that could end the gloom
This is brilliant news. Things are looking up!
Gee … looks like that Steve Brown character was right again.

Kilgariff $170K blocks, dept. on council stormwater deal
A development such as this is so, so long overdue.
Sounds like it could have been done cheaper. Is this still possible!?
Regardless, thank God for businesses and the community that this development seems like a reality.

“In which state is Alice Springs,” asks 000 operator as armed thugs threaten to kill
Wow Russell. People nearly got severely injured here. Keep your smart alec political potshots to a more appropriate article.
Let’s stick to the issue. How do we get this callcentre to work for Central Australians and how do we prevent it from happening again.

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