While I appreciate that this change will enable lease holders …

Comment on Pastoralists can now diversify by Dodgy.

While I appreciate that this change will enable lease holders to diversify their business opportunities, I think the public need to understand what has really happened here.
A pastoral lease is the lowest form of land tenure, essentially we the public (or more precisely the government) owns all this Crown Land, which it does not know what to do with so it created pastoral leases to enable pastoralist to essentially run cattle.
This type of lease has enabled people to use the land until we the people decide what to do with it. This is a lease of our vacant crown land, not the pastoralists’ land. The reason for the old, five year system for non-pastoral use applications was essentially to test the waters and if the operations / business case worked they could apply to have the portion of land rezoned, or excised off the lease and purchased as freehold land for their purpose.
What is really bad about this decision is that only people that can now be involved with this so called development opportunity is lease holders themselves.
If this land is suitable for other purposes other than pastoralism then it should be divided up and sold on the open market to the highest bidders, not just gifted to the existing lessee (although lessee should be properly compensated).
An increase of 30% in property values, with the stroke of a pen, the government has assisted the lease holders with the rest of the population not entitled to participate.
But the real reason for these changes is: If the land was to be converted to freehold to allow proper agricultural development like the rest of Australia has, it would trigger Native Title.
So essentially the Government has side stepped Native Title law and given the pastoralists a leg up.
Just what I would expect from this government.

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