It was the most amazing night – the first I’ve …

Comment on Wearable warriors by Brian Tucker.

It was the most amazing night – the first I’ve been able to attend – and the sheer spectacle, the extravagance; Dame Edna would have been speechless. Alice Springs has much to be proud of: a remote town, far from resources, tiny population, and it can still show the rest how things can and should be done, the Alice Festival, the Beanies, and the Wearable Art Awards just for starters! C’mon Australia, get in your car, get on a bus, catch a plane, hitchhike – get out there and see what community arts is all about. Thanks to all at Central Craft, the makers and models, and for Kieran’s perceptive commentary and Erwin’s photography. The 4/10/14 is in my diary – put it in yours. NOW!!

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