Hi Erwin thanks for your reply. I appreciate your explanation …

Comment on Town council candidate had restraining order by Ray.

Hi Erwin thanks for your reply. I appreciate your explanation into the details behind your story.
To me at least, it puts a different slant on the story knowing that Mr Brigefoot was a willing participant. It did not get that impression from the original story, but can now see that if it is willing disclosure for the sake of transparency, I agree it was a good move.
Sorry if I was a bit too full on Erwin, I do apologise, but I know of John’s community involvement and have maybe become jaded by all the elections and politics that we have been subject too lately.
Good luck to all candidates and thanks to all contributors to this thread, I like reading your take on these relevant, local issues.

Ray Also Commented

Town council candidate had restraining order
Wow, would the AS News like to borrow a shovel to dig up some more dirt. Even job applications do not require people to list irrelevant criminal histories. Is this a spent conviction? Or how is it in the public interest?
Erwin you normally present fairly balanced reports, so why not mention the enormous amount of volunteer work Mr Bridgefoot does around town with the Henley on Todd and other projects, volunteer programs on 8HA etc.
Is this an effort to scuttle Mr Bridgefoot’s chances at election, or just to publicly humiliate him?
I look forward to reading reports on the other candidates. Maybe a bit of digging might reveal that a candidate might have smacked their child 15 – 20 years ago, or failed to wear a seat belt once years. Let’s not hold back.

Recent Comments by Ray

Slash and burn at CDU: Alice loses out
Amazing that they cannot offer a Certificate III in tourism in this town particularly.

New Normal recipe from the too hard basket
Bush Teacher, thank you for your comments.
I cannot offer a solution but know from genuine experience that you are 100% correct.
The young teachers come here every year to change the world.
Some stay, but many return almost in tears after seeing what it is really like.
Can’t see it changing any time soon, which is ironic as I felt the same way over 20 years ago.

Town camp drunks attack police, ignore COVID rules
Welcome back, Janine.
I have seen you and read your words many times over the last 20 years.
Although when I read them this time I was unsure if I should be content to just roll my eyes or get angry or simply scroll on past.
You have come here many times before and told all the locals where they have gone wrong, how everything we have tried is wrong, and we have simply failed to ask the right questions.
You personally, are obviously fairly new to town but once again have the answers by using terms like First Nations, the vulnerable, and any other paternalistic term you can think of.
You will discover that the people you are talking about really don’t care about the sympathy or empathy you express here.
You have been here so many times before in many different guises, telling the locals who live here how they should have been more empathetic in the first place, and how kindness will win the day, generational trauma etc etc.
My people were killed by Germans, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese, but I don’t teach my kids to hate them, nor to I get reminded that I should be traumatised when I see them.
I don’t use it as an excuse to be an ass**$e when told I need to modify my behaviour.
Before you run back to where you came from blaming everybody else for stopping your ideas from changing this part of the world, you need to understand we have heard it all before, and until we grow the balls to start dealing with these people with every power the law can provide, it will not stay the same, it will continue the downward spiral.
Your approach has been tried and has made things worse.
These are some bad people, empowered by the veil you put on them of vulnerability, knowing this gives them protection by the lawyers who are funded to defend their abhorrent behaviour time and time again, combined with the judges who are more interested in reducing incarceration rates than making the punishment fit the crime.
They can choose to live their lives in a traditional manner as over 51% of the NT is Aboriginal owned.
Instead they come into town at these town camps, and get on the grog, creating havoc for the residents who call the police.
Unfortunately the police know that doing what needs to be done could land them in all sorts of strife due to the overly cautious approach they are forced to work under.
They have become powerless punching bags because you and your previous incarnations have convinced the power brokers that they are just naughty kids that are too stupid to take responsibility for themselves.
Triggered by the sight of a uniform? What a load of PC rubbish.
Most criminals would be triggered, and so they should be, because it used to be that they would be taken to task and be made to think about their actions.
Strange how the moms and kids at these town camps are happy to call the police, and they are not triggered by them.
Do you realise we have some amazing Aboriginal officers?
Nowadays they are treated as fragile clients, who have no issue bashing the crap out of their own women and kids, undoing all the good work the real TOs and long term Aboriginal families of this area have put In.
Open your eyes and get down from your PC horse and understand that empowering these people does not mean they will bloom into a beautiful flower.
Some many turn into weeds that need to be dealt with to save the whole garden from ruin.

You and the dunny door
Surprised, if the government and councils were aeroplanes they would not have even have gotten off the runway!

‘Sneaky’ drop in what govt pays rooftop solar producers
So it has gone from the best in the country to one of the worst. Was only considering going solar over the weekend and was researching local suppliers.
What a time to do it.
Maybe a drop by one third, but a two third drop? Wow, what a kick in the guts to this industry.

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