I for one think it’s good to see a council …

Comment on Matty Day wants kerbside recycling by Neil Rilatt.

I for one think it’s good to see a council candidate pushing for improvements in the way we handle waste in this town.
As good as a new recycling facility is for Alice, it is a drop in the ocean if we are serious about the long term sustainability of our waste handling.
Recycling in Alice Springs is piecemeal and actually takes work and time. Many will be discouraged and see it as a burden to separate materials and cart them to different locations all over town, not to mention the issue of transport, cost and accessibility. Or the fuel emissions.
So recyclable materials are disposed of in household waste, and the trucks come and pick it up and dispose of it anyway, filling up our landfill.
There are hidden costs in this at literally every stage of the process that all ratepayers end up paying for. Biannual coordinated kerbside swaps and pickups (not really my definition of kerbside recycling) are a nice idea, but similarly piecemeal.
A much greater outcome would be achieved with household level sorting into paper, glass, organic and plastic materials in addition to household refuse, and have that collected kerbside.
Pickup of the alternative materials could be rotated every week and household waste removal charged by weight, instead of the ratepayers who recycle paying for a service for those who don’t.
Yes, these things come at a cost but somehow, local councils all over the world have managed to achieve systems of recycling that make Alice’s an embarrassment. But it’s also a state and federal issue – a subject for another time maybe.
That said, I applaud Matty for focusing on a core responsibility of Council that so desperately needs revolutionising.

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Councillors send message to Jacinta Price
Seems pertinent to note what she’s actually doing instead of her council duties. She’s on a publicity tour on the east coast and doing interviews with far right hacks Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt. This comes after doing an hour long YouTube interview a couple of months back with a neo-nazi supporter of Fraser Anning, suggesting the Lingiari election was rigged and nodding along to racist conspiracy theories while holocaust deniers argue in the live chat. Is it time someone staged some kind of intervention before she’s too far down the rabbit hole of toxic right wing politics? Regardless, she’s unfit for public office.

$75m power station the wrong decision: WA experts
Jim, Steve and Janet Brown, and anyone else who insists on repeated the same tired, old boring logical fallacy: YES, WE ALL UNDERSTAND THAT WE NEED TO GENERATE POWER WHEN THE SUN IS NOT SHINING. FFS.
We know that sometimes it is night! We know that sometimes it is cloudy!
That is why NOBODY is suggesting we turn off all the gas generators and switch to 100% solar.
Jesus Christ, let’s have a bit of intellectual honesty in this discussion, please.
Nobody wants a return to the dark ages! But some are certainly keen to see us stuck in last century.
The age of fossil fuels is coming to an end and a lot of us want to invest in newer, cleaner, more innovative technologies that are available NOW.
And no, Steve Brown, a 100% gas powered station is, by definition, NOT A HYBRID STATION.

Rubbish house lenders have 71 loans in Alice
I freely admit to being in no position to comment on the funding sources of other commercial banks in Australia.
Maybe you can investigate those too and get back to us?
I’m simply asking some questions which you have made no attempt to answer.
I do know the big 4 get the benefit of taxpayer-guaranteed loans at stupidly low interest rates from the RBA, to be drawn on at their discretion, which is probably worth several orders of magnitude more than $34m a year.
Maybe you can tell us how many loans each of them have issued in Alice Springs and whether there have been any tangentially connected domestic disturbances in those properties?
Or simply tell us what point you are trying to make by conflating these things.
It’s funny, I don’t remember you reporting on which mortgage lender financed the purchase of the houses being used as meth labs in recent years.
Again, what are your implications and why is this in any way newsworthy?

Rubbish house lenders have 71 loans in Alice
I’m struggling to understand what is newsworthy here. Is it the responsibility of a mortgage lender when the property owner doesn’t take care of their property?
Would this still be news if the lender was ANZ, Bendigo Bank or Westpac? Somehow I think not. What is the implication here and what do IBAs funding sources have to do with anything? Seems like Erwin is on a witch hunt to me.

Pandora’s Promise: go nuke or not?
Some great links Paul, thanks for clarifying. However, the 1.5% reference in the Wikipedia article refers to hydro and wind only – solar and biomass consumption, one can only assume, are lumped in the ‘others’ category which itself accounts for 8.7% of total consumption, according to the figures there. Lies, damned lies and statistics indeed! Maybe more so when Wikipedia is involved.
Estimates of lives saved due of nuclear power are interesting, though this is based on climate change abatement through avoiding CO2 emissions, which would equally apply to renewables.
I simply think that our future energy supplies should tick the “does not have the potential to cause nuclear winter” box. Obviously we haven’t yet had the ultimate technological breakthrough to solve all of our problems, but we also shouldn’t mistake political intransigence for technological barriers when it comes to the progress we are, or aren’t, making.

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