Thank you for sourcing and writing this article. I support …

Comment on The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers by Renee Vincent.

Thank you for sourcing and writing this article. I support the skate boarding community and believe that we should embrace these members of our youth, our town and our future. Perhaps we could get a Code of Conduct signed by the skaters which would spell out how we as pedestrians and lawmen and councillors expect them to behave in various situations. Then if they break that Code – they could be given a short (stressing SHORT) trespass in town which will show that the Code is an agreement to a certain behaviour.
The code breakers would still have access to the skate park. Why can we not work WITH the youth to give them reasons to stand and support our town instead of just shutting them down. When did we forget we were youths and no adults wanted to listen. Did we not all promise ourselves it would be different when we grew up and made the rules.
We should be proud of our youth – they are doing something they love, not lazing about, not breaking into your house, they are an active part of the skating community.

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Teachers wait on Fair Work decisions
How narrow minded are we becoming??? If we cut funding for teachers we are only going to reduce the education of the entire country and grow stupid people who will never challenge the Govt. as they will not have the language skills or brains that will question bad decisions. How do we, as a First World Country justify these choices? What has to happen before other leaders see the results of this incredibly poor decision? And how arrogant are the political leaders to think that we can ride on the back of the mining world and not teach technology or language or maths? It has been my experience that only those who hunger for power will not share knowledge. Real leaders upskill, educate and offer opportunities to excel in all fields. How else will we compete on a global market? What were they thinking or better yet, they were obviously not thinking this through. We should all be up in arms about this. As a country, we cannot afford to lose one teacher; we cannot afford to ‘dumb down’ so that we do not offend those in power. I wish every parent would get irate about this and get up on their high horse and demand more funds to support the education of their children, the next generation and those who will make decisions for us in our old age.

Skate trial in the Mall: council turns its back on the kids
Once again, we have let the youth of this town down. Great decision council – NOT. I would listen to Matty Day, after all, he is older than 20 and so you cannot treat him as a youth.
He knows about skate parks, the designs and use thereof.
If you are going to fund a skatepark that will house the skating community and host interstate and possibly international events, then please take the time to study what needs to be done to make it right the first time.
And please consider again a Code of Conduct for our skaters. If Melbourne can do this, why can we not follow a great example of working WITH the youth.
With regards to the vast amounts of fines just for not providing ID, I believe they are excessive.
We are not in a police state and I believe that anyone in the public service should be able to request ID in a polite manner, not demand it.
If you are aiming to curb or tame the youth, working WITH them will give you better results.

Mall skater’s $576 fine: is it fair?
My son is a skateboarder and I believe the majority of the skating community to be well intentioned youths.
Skateboarding is a sport and is an activity that requires skill, balance, commitment and builds up the physical strength of the participants.
I honestly believe that they should be accommodated and allowed to skate in the Mall, in the streets, build a bigger park for them, indoors or outdoors, acknowledge them and work WITH them instead of against them.
If they are continually harassed by (instead of supported by) the Rangers or the Police, they could tend to creating mayhem instead of just enjoying a good grind or Ollie. Why can’t Alice Springs be forward thinking instead of reactionary to youth?

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