So Terry, by your logic cyclists should only cycle at …

Comment on The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers by Laughing.

So Terry, by your logic cyclists should only cycle at velodromes, and runners should only run on running tracks?

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Building lots of things is a surgical strike in the NT
Look over here! Here’s a shiny new building!!
Look over there – it’s another major sporting event!
Look down there – it’s a big Car Show!
Whatever you do, don’t look at the real issues we are facing – we sure as s#!t won’t answer any hard questions about them.
NT Government.

Skate trial in the Mall: council turns its back on the kids
You have got to be joking mate.
Because Alice is a small town with few kids?
I hardly think Alice Springs is a small town and this “small town” plays host to some of the most disadvantaged and challenged kids in the world.
We also have many world standard sporting facilities in this town – You have such a problem with skateboarding that it doesn’t deserve the same?
Perhaps they should just build some more skateable furniture somewhere and later decide its against a by-law to use it?
Your all so worried about skateboarding behind a bookshop that is about to close down – another business about to leave town.
Don’t worry about that though – the bad kids with their pice of plywood on wheels is a much bigger issue.
As Colin said – Muppets.

Snap, Rupert!
The Advocate is a joke – Now that it its printed in Darwin most Tuesday and Friday mornings it is not in stores until after 8.30am.
This also means their deadlines are moved forward so the most recent news stories are not included.
I laughed out loud when they published that they had been nominated for some sort of journalism award – half of their content is lifted straight from the website

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