Thanks Kieran for your heartfelt words and images of this …

Comment on From Somebody Everybody, with artistry and love by Jenni.

Thanks Kieran for your heartfelt words and images of this amazing, moving performance. ‘somebody everybody’ was the reason I was in Alice Springs last week and I was blessed to have time at a rehearsal, then backstage, front of house and at the after parties.
Best of all, I saw all four performances and I can only imagine the hours of work leading up to these sometimes different, always wonder-filled shows which you wrote about with such sensitivity and insight.
Thanks too all you dedicated generous loving and talented souls who made ‘somebody everybody’ possible.
Literally every moment spent in the company of this extraordinary troupe has opened my heart to what is possible when true seeing and listening are combined with professional skills, humour and love. More please, Incite and Kat.

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