The results of this by-election were as predictable as night …

Comment on Bonanni has strong lead in council poll by Alex Nelson.

The results of this by-election were as predictable as night follows day. It wasn’t surprising that there was a low voter turnout (about 64%) nor that Ms Bonanni topped the poll.
An interesting feature of Alice Springs council by-elections historically is that female candidates invariably poll well.
Previous female by-election winners are Frances Smith (the first by-election in March 1973), Leslie Oldfield and Rosalie McDonald (May 1978), Carole Frost, Fran Kilgariff and Meredith Campbell (twice – in 1997 and 2005). Sue Jefford was runner-up in two by-elections before eventually becoming an alderman.
But, given the obvious public disinterest in by-election campaigns, are they actually worth having? Perhaps one option to consider is the approach used by the Alice Springs Town Council in July 1973, following the resignation of Alderman Paul Everingham: “Because the next ordinary Council election was less than twelve months away, the Council’s General Purpose Committee passed a resolution to recommend that Council make an approach to the Administrator to appoint Dennis Haddon who was the highest-polling unsuccessful candidate in the March, 1973, Council by-election. Haddon was duly appointed as an Alderman” (
Some food for thought.

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@ Evelyne (Posted June 28, 2019 at 3:15 pm): Perhaps you should ask people working within the public service/bureaucracy about the difference between democracy and tyranny. On second thought, don’t bother – they all have to keep their mouths shut.

‘Catastrophic’ drop in construction work
@ Interested Darwin Observer (Posted June 28, 2019 at 8:04 am): Oh! Are we a democracy?

Alice to get first Aboriginal owned earth ground station
If I recall correctly, the Geoscience Australia Antenna commenced operation as a Landsat receiving station in 1979, so this year marks its 40th anniversary.
Our family was living at the CSIRO residence by Heath Road at the time, now the Centre for Appropriate Technology.
There was one funny occasion when my brother was wandering around in the paddock nearby the new facility, and wherever he went the antenna would swing around and point towards him.
I think he got a bit spooked by it but it was the technical officers in the adjoining demountable lab that were just having a bit of fun.

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This is tremendous good news for Alice Springs. I shall put on hold my plans to move to Katherine 🙂

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Certainly not the first time that kind of offence has occurred at those premises!

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