Kylie hasn’t even pulled her elected chair to the council …

Comment on Jobs not programs, growth not talk: Bonanni by Mark Fitzgerald.

Kylie hasn’t even pulled her elected chair to the council table and the peanut gallery has started with their two cents worth … which even if free – would be overpriced.
Feel free to step up at the next election. In the meantime, it’d be best to allow the elected members to go about their duties and deliver on their promises.
How’s about doing the Aussie thing, in giving her a fair go and judge on results, not unsubstantiated drivel.
And in the interest of full disclosure, I went to school with Fab and knowing Kylie like I do, she is her own person, is nobody’s puppet, and is by no means stereo-typical peroxide.

Recent Comments by Mark Fitzgerald

Youth curfew back on town council agenda
RUSSEL GUY & CHARLIE DICK: Let me break it down a little simpler for you. What if fire was alcohol? How is it that man and woman-kind has survived since their respective inceptions, depending on which somewhat imaginary religious figure you subscribe to i.e. Gautama Buddha, Mohammed of Mecca, Krishna, Jesus of Nazareth. Society has learned from trial, error, work of mouth and personal experience what the many uses of fire, which is similar to alcohol, can be or have. As with fire, alcohol can be used to welcome, to warm, to share, to open communications and to amaze.

Unfortunately, as with a Ying – there is a Yang. We have seen what happens when both fire and alcohol are abused and are utilized by those who do not know how to handle it. We have all seen what occurs when it gets out of control and then let run rampant.

The only thing that has kept society from eliminating itself, from an over indulgence of the element of fire, is the fact that the majority of us have come to embrace the element, knowing full well what can happen if and when we abuse it. That is a hard earned knowledge the every man, woman and child knows through experience, of passed down knowledge, regardless of race, colour and creed. The problem for society is when those who chose not to respect the element, then come to expect, those of us who know full well the implications of the element, to then make allowances for their short-comings.

RUSSEL GUY: Not sure if I can be any clearer on the matter – you are responsible for your own actions and with said actions, there is cause and effect.

My opinion on alcohol sales and advertising is pretty well known, amongst those who know me. YES, I do imbibe on a regular basis … and YES I do enjoy a drink, but with anything, it should be in moderation … and YES hangovers are a key indicator that I was not sufficiently moderating.

Do I blame anyone for it? Be it the manufacturer, the supplier, the advertiser or the gubment bloke? Nope, not at all – it was my sole decision to drink. To put that statement in perspective, in 30+ years in drinking, with quite a few of those underage and formative years in the “Alice”, no one has ever forced a drink down my throat. It was my decision, wholly and solely my decision. A little something I like to call “being responsible for ones actions”.

For the record, ask yourself why there is plain packaging on cigarettes and not alcohol? The accepted view is that smokes are a killer, but grog kills, maims, injures and costs societies considerably more, but the dreaded dart is a whole much easier and less politically persuasive and adept power.

CHARLIE DICK: Your comments read like you are not trying to be part of a solution, but portray you as somewhat the epitome of the problem, in that you’ve tried to label the ills discussed here as an “Aboriginal problem”. This is a matter of respect and responsibility. In the words of a mere mortal “respect is what you are, as you are what you respect”.

Youth curfew back on town council agenda
As a born and bred Alice local, who has actually spend some time under the care and control of the facilities of what was Giles House, I can honestly say this issue well never be resolved unless the major factor, which seems to be missed by most of the preceding contributors, is addressed – RESPONSIBILITY!
To put it simply – you breed ’em … you feed ’em.
Why is it that the do-gooders, antagonists / activists, talking heads and oozing unfounded attitudes, that the town seem to attract, always come out on the side of the offenders?
No one has ever forced an individual to break into houses, vandalize property, assault / injure / maim/kill their fellow citizens and then seem to accept the excuse that “I’m from the stolen generation” or “the white man took may land” or “I don’t know how to live within the white man’s rules”.
My understanding of Aboriginal Law, is that it is similar to the current governing Westminster Law based principals, in that it comes down to the simple fact that you are responsible for you actions. As such there is “cause and effect”, as seen with tribal punishments i.e. paybacks and spearings.
So, how do we try and reign in an ever-escalating problem, that is turning Alice Springs into a near cauldron environment of disharmony, anger and frustration? Oh BTW, just in case you are either too blinded by your misguided beliefs or bullshit hazed idea of Nirvana, what happens when a melting pot hits the point of flashpoint? Ignition – pure and simply.
OK – back to responsibilities: It is not and should never be the government’s, the police’s, the council’s or the general populace’s position to make allowances for your decision to have a child. Fullstop – end of story.
You, as a parent need to ensure that you give your children the best chance in life, which includes education and position ones morale compass. After all – a child is but a reflection of you as a person. If they are going to wander the streets, getting up to mischief / mayhem / no good, then that is your failings as a parent.
How about establishing a “chain gang” in which those perpetrating the petty and property crimes are sentenced to community service that entails picking up of rubbish, cleaning up of areas, graffiti cleaning, gardening etc and should their parents not respond to threw offences within a 12 month period, then they join they chain gang.
Oh hang on, the offenders might be embarrassed if they are seen in a chain gang, or might be humiliated by such actions. Better that then when force is used in protecting ones property … don’t you think??

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