It would be greatly appreciated if Kylie Bonanni would pay …

Comment on Jobs not programs, growth not talk: Bonanni by Dale.

It would be greatly appreciated if Kylie Bonanni would pay attention to the terrible conditions of our footpaths and parks.
The Spicer Crescent park was once a peaceful delight – it’s now seldom mowed and weeds run rampant.
Over the last couple of years we have noticed a number of front yards in Alice Springs starting to fill up with old cars and junk, some spilling onto the footpath.
Alice Spring is becoming ugly and neglected. Council needs to spend less of our rate money on bus shelters and events and return to it’s core business of footpaths, parks and rubbish removal from around the suburbs. And if that’s altogether too boring for most councilors – then maybe we need new blood all round.

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