This is still discussion forum isn’t it! Have we …

Comment on Jobs not programs, growth not talk: Bonanni by John Brown.

This is still discussion forum isn’t it! Have we lost the right to discuss this propaganda about job creation when many in this community have recently lost jobs?
Prior to the council election it was said in this forum that Mrs Bonanni was a flag waver for the NTG, (I did not say it, I think it was Melanie Ross, but I read it here). Sure enough first article since elected Kylie is talking about NTG issues about job creation and quoting the Chief Minister. Fail to see how this is a councillor’s role.
@ Dianne – being offended appears to be a convenient path to avoidance.
If Kylie has no interest in the seat of Greatorex come out and say so, while she is at it please explain how in her role at council she can create more jobs.

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Jobs not programs, growth not talk: Bonanni
Poor bugger Kylie, why do boys keep picking on me??
I would love to hear more from Kylie about how this job growth is created in a town like Alice.
Didn’t the CLP NT Govt just cut funding and jobs for youth programs at Congress and CAALAS?
Do we tell all the kids that don’t attend school or drop pout that they can go to the brickyard for a job?

Jobs not programs, growth not talk: Bonanni
And the Adam Giles CLP flag waving begins! With script writer at hand, one might think that the effort placed in pushing her over the line in the by election is for a greater purpose than council’s roads rates and rubbish … one might even think that Mr Conlan had better be looking over his shoulder … these peroxide locks are being groomed, folks.

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Ignorance is bliss!

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Labor, Labor, Labor. Mr Giles you are not in opposition any more. Here is your chance to run a government.
All we have seen and heard is party infighting, inflated egos and the continuing blame of the past. You and your government are under-performing and well on its way to being a one term wonder. Let’s just hope you don’t do too much damage before you leave us with your tail between your legs.

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