Thank you Kieran, I found your article very enlightening; like …

Comment on Unfolding mall design by Sandy Taylor.

Thank you Kieran, I found your article very enlightening; like Hal, I can only wonder at what went on between the Alice Springs Town Council and the owners of the Alice Plaza?
Was it a Councillor discussion / decision, or was it a paper from ‘The ASTC Officers with options?’ Will ASTC now work together cooperatively for the betterment of Todd Mall: to have shopfronts all inclusive and engaging of the Todd Mall pedestrians?
Where is the might of a body, such as a Todd Mall Traders? Even if your have finished trading for the day, why can’t shopkeepers put their Grills up only at dark, rather than in broad daylight?
Why are grills up all over town at 3pm, when many mums and passers by, would like nothing better than to sit quietly with a cup of coffee or light refreshment, and be able to read the latest magazine of interest to them while their kids have a romp around the mall shops?
Many elected Councillors have a strong desire to do something good for the town: and I speak with experience here, sadly, their good ideas are thwarted by the ASTC Officers.
Councillors’ ideas are disregarded lightly, and in some cases, mocked and ridiculed; knocked down and replaced with what ‘The Officers’ deem as a better proposition without any consultation of Councillors.
Why is there an Elected Council, when ‘The Officers’ can wield so much power? Why has Council frustratingly, become such a farce?
Councillor Eli Melky came into office in 2012, stating that he had personal experience as Chairman of the Hindley Street Traders, outlining his role in what he claimed was the successful turn-around of business in that area of Adelaide, and I don’t dispute this.
So why can’t Councillor Melky put to good use those ideas and skills now? We have a wealth of knowledge and business acumen within Councillors Melky, Martin, Heenan, Kudrenko, Douglas, Brown, Paech and now Bonnani as well.
I believe that Councillors have become ‘just a rubber stamp’ for projects which may be seen by the ASTC Officers, as too controversial.
Councillors are bombarded with mountains of papers which are all generated by ‘The Officers,’ not Councillors!
Councillors have little time to discuss their own ideas even on a third Monday, because the Agenda, frustratingly, is driven by ‘The Officers!’
It is time that publicly ELECTED Councillors show their true colours: Why did you stand? It is time for you collectively, to make your own decisions, generate your own discussion outside of ASTC confines if necessary … do something for BUSY-NESS in the Todd Mall before it is too late for all businesses? Come on Councillors, get together, and put your thinking caps on.

Recent Comments by Sandy Taylor

Town under pressure from visitor boom
More empty words from Councillor Banks.
Why doesn’t she put her effort into getting Ilparpa footpath finished instead of putting up stupid motions which unnecessarily delayed that project?
In fact she has stopped work continuing since March this year.
Prior to that, the lads were doing a stirling job.
There are no sacred sites impeding this pathway apart from the trees which have previously been reported on by AAPA to allow for the optic fibre cable along Ilparpa Road.
Rightly, the lads have left all other corkwoods etc standing. No trees have been removed.
RESOLUTION: I move that council stop bullshitting around and resume the job immediately.

Now you see it, now you don’t
If you are interested and want to know what’s going on then I suggest you have your say at the next Ilparpa Claypans Lovers Meetings first Saturday of every month.
So next meet is June 3 from 10-11 am Gazebo Table, Bean Tree Cafe, Olive Pink Botanical Gardens. The group have also put out a users’ survey. No names of coordinators at all.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
In the interests of Aboriginalising CAAMA, whatever that means … why is the Deputy CEO non Aboriginal? Because you are married to Aboriginal, does not make you eligible does it?
Sorry, I’m a bit confused, CAAMA Board. The whole dismissal / recruitment process seems very hypocritical, in fact racist to me. Please explain.

Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity
I am led to believe this is on Aboriginal land and royalties will be paid.
If so, why should the taxpayer foot the bill? I am sure CLC and Centrecorp have taken oodles of money out of this now sorry little town. Think again, Councillor Brown.

Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’
GMan your professional attitude, your dedication and your services to countrymen will be missed.
CAAMA Board – hang your head in shame.

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