Erwin. I was one of the people that the crook, …

Comment on Do you lose more than freedom when you are sent to gaol? by Thea Lloyd.

Erwin. I was one of the people that the crook, Carey, took for a ride in Batchelor.
If he’s been allowed to get out and work every day that’s no punishment.
I don’t say he was a bad builder, but his business practices were really shonkey.
Using my money to fly to his parents instead of buying material or paying wages to get the work done.
We are still suffering from the effects from our dealings with this man. (Financially and health.)
I love reading your articles. More strenth to your pen.

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Framptons were Carey’s ‘bosses’, took ‘secret commission’, says his lawyer
My husband and I were also taken for a ride when we had a house built in Batchelor from 2007 to 2008.
[Mr Carey] always took the progress money upfront.
[Our experience was] never included in the court charges because our home was outside the council area and could not get builder’s insurance.
Our treatment by Carey contributed to my deterioration in health causing me to not be able to work anymore, us losing our house, getting a bad credit rating and having to return to New Zealand to live with our children.
We called Carey Teflon, because he was so glib with his mouth that everything slid off him.
I’m very glad this court action is over though $5000 would never have regained me the life or years I have lost due to this man.

[This is an edited version of Mrs Lloyd’s comment. The Alice Springs News Online attempted to give Mr Carey the right of reply but we received the following notification from the Media Manager of the Department of Correctional Services: “Under section 46 of the Prisons (Correctional Services) Act we do not allow correspondence with a prisoner that could have a detrimental effect on that prisoner. That being the case I am not in a position to assist with your request.”]

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