I disagree with the ideology claiming that kids who go …

Comment on The little children are clever by Erin.

I disagree with the ideology claiming that kids who go to school 90% of the time don’t learn any more that the ones who go there 60% of the time.
We moved our kids from one school because the grade 9 students were only doing grade 7 maths.
When I raised this at the school, they told us that due to the kids who only ‘turn up 60% of the time’, they have the spend more time with these children to get them up to a higher level of education.
The kids that at going regularly are being disadvantaged by the ones who aren’t, but the school cant (won’t) separate them as that would be ‘discriminatory’. I call this bulls*#t. Teach the kids that are there, and the ones that show up occasionally? Work with them separately on their level and stop holding the others back.

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