For all the detractors from Blair’s article, might I remind …

Comment on The little children are clever by Roz Marden.

For all the detractors from Blair’s article, might I remind you that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.
And I reckon the Aboriginal population might already know that, without having to read Shakespeare to learn it. Why are so many people so ready to make our Aboriginal people totally “white” without asking them what would work for them?
So many of our original settlers rejected the overarching world view of aristocratic England to set up a free classless society here. Surely we can be generous enough to assist the Aboriginal people to find their own way too.

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Hunter/gatherers vs the farmers
I often wonder how we would survive out here without our manufactured world and its high energy use.
Would we late-comers cope in a hunter-gatherer world now? Obvioulsy our ancestors did eons ago. The comfort for some of us is knowing that quite possibly if they had to, the Aboriginal people would still be able to survive as hunter-gatherers.
I just hope that if the corporate bubble we live in ever bursts, my Aboriginal “family” would adopt me despite my bad eyesight and office-grown lack of physical fitness.
And to that end, I help them out in my world, in the hope that if it ever comes to it, they will help me in theirs. That’s what life is really about after all. Helping each other to survive all comers.

Aborigines find jobs not the only way to harness resources
If our “learn to work to live” ethos is so great, why do so many of our non-Indigenous people seek a sea change and get out of the “daily grind”.
It’s not only the Aboriginal people who practice sharing scarce resources for the good of all.
The Chinese poet from the Tang dynasty, Tu Fu (Dù Fǔ; 712 – 770), wrote:
“Work comes into the lives of all,
Can anywhere custom change this?
People pursue fame and wealth,
But lose their freedom in the race.
If there were no great rich,
the poor would be more content with what they have.
Death is the fate of all.
Here one weeps, there another laughs.”

Town camp artists do it their way
An excellent interpretative report of the artwork of the Town Campers. Thank you.

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