Am I reading this correctly? The Uniting Church is suggesting that …

Comment on Is NT Government turning its back on CBD project? by Matty Day.

Am I reading this correctly?
The Uniting Church is suggesting that the Todd Mall is failing to be community friendly, because we don’t have a multi story residential development and more shops. Really?
Who has been consulted with to get such a conclusion?
What is council’s economic rationale for becoming a partner?
Are the plans available to the public? If not why?
Have other more cost effective solutions been explored to create the social ideal spoken of in this article? (Or does this development project include the building an inclusive park which would serve as a common meeting place / town centre, showcasing the heritage precinct.
This is the recommendation of the Todd Revitalisation Project we paid for already.
Or is it now the belief of the Uniting Church and council that bricks and mortar will inspire the change of attitude and fortune?

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