Who pays for pedestrian crossing? You work it out.



Will the NT Government need to repay the Commonwealth Government the $300,000-odd it cost to build the Gap pedestrian crossing, which is now being dismantled? You work it out.


On January 21 at 10:46am the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development told us:-


“The Australian Government will not pay for the removal of the crossing and all Black Spot funding would need to be returned if the crossing is removed and no replacement safety works are undertaken – the NT Department of Transport has been informed of this requirement.


“If replacement safety works are installed the Department would consider a request from the NT Department for a variation of the approved works which may allow the Black Spot funding to be applied to revised works.”


On January 22 at 12:27am the Northern Territory Department of Transport told us:–


“Following discussions with the federal Black Spot program there has been an agreement that the NT Government will fund the additional safety measures for this area, and there is no requirement to pay back the cost of installing the crossing.”


On January 23 at 12:44pm the Federal department told us:–


“As outlined in the NT Government’s advice, alternative safety measures at this location are being undertaken and, consistent with the Department’s advice of 21 January, the Black Spot funding may be applied to the revised works.


“This will be the subject of further discussions between the Department and the NT Department of Transport when all works have been completed.


“Regardless of the final outcome of these discussions, Black Spot Programme administrative arrangements do not require funds to be ‘paid back’.


“Cost changes on individual projects within each state / territory are managed from within the overall  Black Spot funding allocated to the relevant state / territory.


“As such, the total amount of Black Spot funding allocated to the Northern Territory will not change.”

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  1. Mark Wilson
    Posted January 24, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    Totally flabbergasted. Can there be no end to obvious stupidity?

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