There have been two changes. The mall looks ‘nicer’for …

Comment on Alice Plaza: no plans to front the street by Peter Hoey.

There have been two changes. The mall looks ‘nicer’for being spruced up and secondly one now has the possibility of being run over by two way traffic. Otherwise it’s the same old same old, no discernible improvement for business or customers.

Recent Comments by Peter Hoey

Grabbing opportunities with both hands
Good article, Erwin, getting out the news that not all kids fill the stereotype they often get lumbered with.
Could you do a follow up article detailing more of what Clontarf does and its aims to get young people successfully through year 12 and into employment?
You just might give a certain Rotary Club a plug for its ongoing sponsorship of Clontarf.

Four ‘pop ups’ in line for the mall
Great, now for some action further north.

Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
The comments above gave me the best read this week, should log in more often. I do have concerns about the environment, but I also have concerns about Tim Flannery based on his previous incorrect remarks about climate change, some things did not happen.
However there is cause for concern about the reef. We need objective focus from all parties.

Giles: Rail to Queensland study, more overseas workers
Is there a leap in logic by Melanie Ross? I thought I read an article about a rail line.
How does a rail line equate with frakking?
I agree that frakking is a major issue but to link it with rail when she mentions a pipeline puzzles me.
Take up frakking in another forum?
Anyway I doubt if I shall live long enough to see a rail anyway based on past pipe dreams.

Housing boost, with help from the government
All well and good units going up hither and yon (to grab an archaic phrase) and the problem of accommodation is on the way to being solved.
But in the meantime perhaps one of your intrepid reporters might like to ask Housing just how many houses are sitting vacant without tenants and without any R and M?
There is one in Bradshaw Drive that has been sitting idle for about two years. No doubt there are others. Try Saltwell Street. Will be interesting to see what comment you get if you ask questions.

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