I really must get out more. Perhaps I’ll start …

Comment on Hunter/gatherers vs the farmers by Tony.

I really must get out more. Perhaps I’ll start by looking around areas in Alice Springs I haven’t been to in a while and see if I’m unlucky enough stumble across the alternate universe occupied by Blair and the hunters and gatherers he fondly reminisces about.
In the universe I occupy there are no hunters and gatherers.

But Blair seems to think it’s OK for some of those who can claim a very distant link to a hunter/gatherer society to (1) do as little as they can to survive and then put their hand out for money for those things a hunter/gatherer society could never provide – like houses, ATMs, casinos, fridges, TV’s, electricity, cars and roads to drive them on, stores that supply junk food, etc.; and (2) by denying the importance of school and individual achievement, condemn their kids to do the same. Why help kids realise their potential when it will only open them to unbearable humbugging?

In Blair’s universe, the obligation to provide for his fictional hunters and gathers falls to those of us who “tried work”, liked it and do it and those of us who “tried work, didn’t like it” but still do it anyway because we have commitments and responsibilities.

With the Federal Government’s emphasis on indigenous employment, I wonder if the government agencies that fund Blair’s CAYLUS are reading his contributions and are beginning to question their judgement.

Recent Comments by Tony

Aborigines find jobs not the only way to harness resources
It’s going to be difficult to maintain the standard Blair has set so far but I’m sure he’ll give it a red hot go when he considers hunter gatherers vs farmers.
His argument so far:
Part 1: kids are clever little utility maximisers (CLUMS) and know what’s good for them: they know there’s no point in going to school. They’re so clever they’ve also convinced mum and dad so mum and dad shouldn’t be made to send them to school. Sub-text: there’s no value in learning to read, write and do arithmetic. Real world ‘baggage’: kids need responsible parents who will guide them and make them do things they’d prefer not to.
Part 2: these CLUMS grow into adults in a culture where it is acceptable to sit around and wait for windfalls and for things to be given to you. Sub-text: don’t try to better your or your family’s circumstances, it’s not worth the effort. Real world ‘baggage’: If you don’t work you’re doomed to poverty and disadvantage that no welfare system can or should compensate for. The disadvantage will impact across generations.
Part 3: still waiting, but I guess Blair will extol the virtues of mobility, community ownership and absence of individual ties to property.
Is my ‘baggage’ showing? Hope so. And my citations – about two decades in the sector.
It’s one thing to offer explanations such as those in an attempt to expose our cultural baggage, but it’s another thing altogether to advocate for them as Blair appears to do.

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