Passage to humanity The latest research has the human specie migrating …

Comment on Hunter/gatherers vs the farmers by Matt Lemmens.

Passage to humanity
The latest research has the human specie migrating out of Africa over 1.7 million years ago. Early migrations by Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis gave rise to Neanderthals in Europe, Denisovans in central Asia and the Homo floresiensis in South East Asia.
They migrated across Asia and into Australia in multiple waves. The Aborigines are a mixed race. Some have much more Denisovan DNA than others. The biggest change happened about 6,000 years ago when the dingo arrived and Aborigines acquired more modern tools.
New DNA research suggests a recent genetic relationship between Australia’s Indigenous people and migrating from India, which blended together long after Asiatic populations also descended to the continent.
So what invasion are we talking about? The truth is there never was any invasion. All sorts of people have been coming to Australia for many thousands of years and it hasn’t stopped yet.
Aside from the Neanderthals and the Hobbits, all other Homo erectus keep migrating, keep breeding and kept evolving on a constant track. Eventually they evolved into Homo sapiens.
At some stage in the last 850,000 years (or longer), either Homo erectus or Homo sapiens made the crossing from Java to Australia. These hominins were the ancestors of Mungo Man. It would not have been a difficult crossing to make. Rats are believed to have made the crossing 2 million years ago.
200,000 years ago, females from an African tribe started spreading their genes through the entire arc between Australia and Africa. This spreading of female genes could have occurred as a result of a nomadic African tribe emerging from Africa and breeding throughout Asia. It could also have occurred as a result of an Asian tribe going to Africa, and forcibly taking women back to Asia. (*Although evidence indicates that all humans might have had a female African ancestor 200,000 years ago, there is no evidence to show a male ancestor.)
60,000 years ago, Homo sapiens with African ancestors started migrating into Australia, and joined Mungo Man. The first group of Africans were known as Robust due to their heavy-boned physique. This group was significantly different from the slender body shaped Gracile of Mungo Man. The Robust soon came to dominate Australia. Either they killed most of the Gracile or they bred most of them out of existence. Many thousands of years later, more Gracile either migrated to Australia, or a group of Gracile that survived the Robust invasion starting dominating the Robust. Aborigines today have a Gracile body shape that is like the 62,000-year-old Mungo Man but unlike the 10,000-year-old Kow Swamp people.
If Out-of-Africa is to be believed, then human occupation of Australia has to be less than 200,000 years. Exactly when humans arrived would have been determined by how long it took Homo sapiens emerging from Africa to cause the extinction of the Homo erectus tribes spread throughout Asia. If Multiple Regions is to be believed, the length of human occupation of Australia can be greatly extended. Homo erectus was known to be in the Indonesian archipelago 850,000 years ago. If they had made the crossing to Australia, then hominin occupation of Australia could be anywhere up to 850,000 years.

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