Sure, Pilger’s style of journalism is often one-sided, however the …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Tom.

Sure, Pilger’s style of journalism is often one-sided, however the fundamental message in Utopia rings true. Racism is alive and well in Australia. Aboriginal Australians are treated as subhumans. As someone who has lived in remote areas of the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, I have witnessed firsthand the racial segregation between black and white Australians. I do acknowledge that there are some positive implementations and funding put into practise by numerous agencies, departments etc, however these are more or less bandaid solutions. We expect black Australians to conform to what WE believe is good for them and as the film points out, these people are susceptible to non conformity.

The question is, Kieran, does Utopia do more harm to the reputation of Australia as a nation than it does good for the plight and awareness of the first Australians??

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