Jocelyne Davies, you say Pilger’s film is nothing but ‘sensationalism’ …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Brian Marsh.

Jocelyne Davies, you say Pilger’s film is nothing but ‘sensationalism’ and ‘self promotion’. Unfortunately, the frightening statistics on Indigenous mortality, health, educational outcomes, poverty, housing, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness etc etc are a little inconvenient for your line of argument.

Your’s and our Media’s no-holds-barred vilification of Pilger, without discussion of the facts he raises, points to the truth of the film. Too many Australians, having taken everything from Indigenous people, are angry that Aborigines are not willing and able to be happy, well adjusted menial labourers.
The implications of this reluctance to face the truth in 2014 has truly frightening implications. The CLP and L/NP maintain the line that the problem with Aborigines is that they are spoiled. Land rights and apologies are the problem. Remote communities should be shut down and welfare stopped.Job creation on communities is a waste of time. Unfortunately white townships do not have the capacity to ‘integrate’ remote Aborigines, and ‘NIMBY’ will forbid it. Jocelyne, your’s and the N/LP CLP position leads slowly and surely back to Hancock’s chilling remarks at the beginning of Pilgers superb film. Thank you John Pilger. You get my vote for Australian of the year (he is an Australian). As Mr Pilger so positively says what’s needed is a treaty for Aborigines.

Brian Marsh Also Commented

Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines
Jocyline Davies, I am really sorry, but I can’t help saying I think you are being just a tad ingenuous. With respect, your post challenged Pilger’s evidence that ‘little has changed in 10 years’. Now you are suddenly saying the situation is ‘disgraceful’. How come its ok for you to say the situation is disgraceful, but not Pilger, or more to the point all the indigenous people he interviews in his film. Your notion that our media is rife with information about how disgraceful the situation is not true. Our media is rife with information about how undeserving Aborigines are. I find yours and our media’s callous vilification of a brave Australian prepared to stand up for the owners of this land, deeply, deeply, distressing. Our enthusiasm to bully those who defend Aborigines only confirms that ‘nothing has changed’.

Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines

not sure how you can say Pilger’s film does not help Australians better understand ‘the problem’; that its a ‘call to action for the international community’. Indigenous wellbeing on every measure is a national shame. Is pretending otherwise more helpful? Pilger clearly talks of other countries’ more progressive policies. NZ, for example, has a Treaty with its Indigenous people. Pilger calls for a similar treaty. That’s a good message for Aussies. Pilger contrasts the mega profits made by the multinational mining industry with the RELATIVELY piddling costs of solving Indigenous housing issues. Of course NZ does not have a mining industry with its attendant vested interests. The Australian Newspaper’s angry piece, published yesterday, attacking Utopia is written by a member of the Minerals Council. This author is a representative of foreign companies and he’s writing for the American-owned ‘Australian Newspaper’…Murdoch has not been an Aussie citizen for years. The main objection the author’s critique makes is that Pilger is an expat! AMAZING!

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