Well, I too attended the screening. I found it to …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Marie Dea.

Well, I too attended the screening. I found it to be an honest and factual portrayal of indigenous individuals. That is the truth. It was all based upon fact. Such things happened, are recorded to have happened and still do. I am from overseas. Lived here for many years but still, it is shocking to see the wholesale abuse and racism that goes on. I only expect a nasty reply or denial becuase it hurts. The truth hurts. If Pilger was biased or lying, how does that explain amnesty internatiol constantly complaining about their plight. Are they lying too! Were are all the Indigenous in…say NSW…Genocide, thats where or do you thing they were all bred out? Ignorant but predictable Aussie mindset

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