Phil Walcott: Sorry, but I agree with Brian, what is …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Jenny Dobra.

Phil Walcott: Sorry, but I agree with Brian, what is yours and critics of Pilger’s substantive counter data? I am really amazed at this eagerness to create a ‘balanced’ picture, where clearly the facts about Indigenous wellbeing paint a picture of extreme Aboriginal disadvantage relative to the white population.
Did you want Mr Pilger to make a boring film listing the woeful statistics? Others here lament the “rich complex truth” missed by Pilger. Well, please, what is this complex truth then?
In your area of psychology alone, the data on the rate of suicide among Indigenous people during the Intervention period is just horrifying.
See for example
How can you, presumably knowledgeable in the field of mental health, not decry this situation. The implication is that the “rich and complex truth” is the view that Aborigines are the cause of their own plight?

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