Hold on, they used to own ALL Australia, and not …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Kim Horridge.

Hold on, they used to own ALL Australia, and not just the left-over arid desert bits, or refugee camps called communities away from the best water resources (now being sucked up by cattle).
And they used to have a very happy time of it. Don’t you think it would be somewhat dispiriting to have most of your ancestors killed and the survivors worked on cattle stations or as home-helpers for subsistence.
Or a bit depressing when agitation for white man wages got you sacked from cattle stations and replaced with motorbikes and planes? OK so you don’t think their depression is justified? There suicide rates are an over-reaction. Well that’s cause you are not in their shoes. It’s convenient for you to demand they forget these injustices and take up shitty jobs and feel gratitude towards the victorious white man.
As Pilger says, there should be a Treaty. Aboriginal people should be paid rent for the use of their waters, their minerals, their forests. These resources should be jointly utilised.

No excuses.

Kim Horridge Also Commented

Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines
Ok, hands up which of you whinging Pilger haters rely on the Australian Newspaper for your view of the world.
Aussie racism is based on no freedom of the press.
“Press” is a plural word. We have Rupert Murdoch’s freedom of speech and not much else. The ABC is seen to be left only because it is slightly to the left of far right Rupe.
I loved the bit in Utopia about the scandalous ABC Lateline report. Pilger comes across as a real ‘liberal’ to me. He gave Wozza Snowdon and the ABC a serve. Pretty balanced if you ask me.

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