Yes… One more time such a bad image of the …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Marie.

Yes… One more time such a bad image of the Aboriginal people sent to the world… Did Pilger spend time in a community (for other reason than filming this very bad “documentary”)???

Hey Pilger… Do you know that Aboriginal have a life as well? They smile, they are lovely, nice, interesting, intelligent and respectful ? Your film is purely racist and makes worse the image that the media are diffusing for centuries.

If you were spending time in communities, you could see that these people don’t really need houses to be happy. You could see the kids happy to come back from the bush with their goannas that they will share around the fire with family, you could see that most of them are still living their culture… and if you were involved enough, they would probably be happy to invite you to their hunting days or even ceremonies !

I just read your background on the web and I was very surprised… Someone with a background like yours should be able to communicate a different way than all these journalists who come from the cities to talk about subjects they don’t know, or they just learn through books… This documentary was probably a way to show you… Well done… now everyone knows you as a manipulative, ignorant and probably dangerous man….

Only the poster is beautiful. Congratulation to the graphist 🙂

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