May 2014 – viewed “Utopia” by John Pilger on SBS. …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Perina Oliver.

May 2014 – viewed “Utopia” by John Pilger on SBS.
Had hoped for a balanced view but alas this was too much to expect.
Mr Pilger talks about “hidden” and “secret shame” and “things have not changed”.
This time he had his chance to show some positives truths and chose not to document any of them
After spending 2 years working with the Aboriginal people of Utopia during which roads and houses were built, maintenance programmes put in place, recreation areas renovated and kids programmes established – mostly done with Aboriginal workforce. PLUS power bought to the many outstations. PLUS the very good Health Clinic. PLUS a successful and famous Art Centre.
Not a whisper on anything positive! Not one picture of anything positive.
“Things have not changed? Who is now keeping things HIDDEN, Mr Pilger?
Returned 2012 to Utopia and was amazed and delighted with the top class new high school – complete with science lab and gym, and working well. Again not a word or a picture on what has been spent, built and achieved.
Yes awful things have happened, continue to happen. Over the many years on communities my husband and I have been involved with stabbings and axings and beaten women and suicides and petrol sniffing and drunken brawls and fatal car accidents and child abuse. And sadly, too often the many good things achieved are not always sustainable.
But after 10 years working on various communities in the NT it CANNOT be said that Governments of both persuasions have not tried to address the disadvantage and ongoing problems.
Millions and millions of dollars have been spent and continue to be spent.
Have they got it right – sometimes yes sometimes no.
Will they ever get it right – ditto.
Does Mr Pilger not think that Governments have not watched and consulted with other countries who have similar Indigenous problems e.g. from Canada or USA etc. etc.
Does anyone really believe Governments like to keep spending MILLIONS for spending sake?
Actually, Mr Pilger, you believe our Governments are doing nothing, and you are informing the world of this fact!
Get real Mr Pilger, and if you come again, open your eyes and give us the whole story.

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