Whilst Pilger can certainly be excessive and in need of …

Comment on Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines by Harry W.

Whilst Pilger can certainly be excessive and in need of a little more positive feedback of small steps, including the “sorry” speech, I think he does a good job at finding about these atrocities that still plague aboriginal communities (death in incarceration without justice, a denial of colonialist oppression of aboriginals and higher imprisonment rates – phenomena unique to aboriginal communities in Australia) through first hand research.
One step isn’t going to solve these problems which is why I think Pilger should be supportive of all movements in favour of aboriginal justice. But this review is much more dismissive and one sided than Pilger’s own documentary. How can Pilger not present a depressing situation when aboriginal people (maybe not ALL but a vast number!) ARE living in conditions of 3rd world communities, in a 1st world country?
With so much ignorance and denial of aboriginal issues and oppression amongst the white communities (to whom the aboriginals are practically and invisible underclass) the problem really isn’t over-exaggeration of aboriginal victimisation. We do need to highlight these issues.
Quote: “In Western Australia, minerals are being dug up from Aboriginal land and shipped to China for a profit of a billion dollars a week. In this, the richest, ‘booming’ state, the prisons bulge with stricken Aboriginal people, including juveniles whose mothers stand at the prison gates, pleading for their release. The incarceration of black Australians here is eight times that of black South Africans during the last decade of apartheid.”

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