The saga continues. Let’s see the books. Where is the accountability …

Comment on Minister says ‘no’ to further Mbantua Festival grant by Jim.

The saga continues.
Let’s see the books.
Where is the accountability from the $1.3m that the ABA gave to this Aboriginal organisation. Who gained form it?
Many Aboriginal dancers and performers remain unpaid. Many organisations are out of pocket because this organisation mismanaged funds, and dismissed people who dared to ask any questions.
What fees were the directors paid? What other family members were paid and for what service? Seems like other people and other organisations (both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) put up the risk for these clowns.
ABA, Minister (NT and Federal) need to urgently investigate.

Recent Comments by Jim

Deputy Administrator Pat Miller gave herself legal aid loan
Honest Arrente sounds like they are on the CAALAS Board and trying to peddle a message of support for the Board!?

CAALAS: Questions about travel money, credit card
The Board is looking to place the entire blame on the ex-CEO. Does anyone know how much each Board member is paid for “sitting fees”?
Does anyone know about the board-hoppers that are present on the Board?
They have already caused trouble at other boards, and now doing the same thing in this case. Look up the names, and cross-reference to other Aboriginal organisation boards … same people, same problems, same trouble-makers.

Deputy Administrator Pat Miller gave herself legal aid loan
The CAALAS Board should be ashamed of themselves! Who released the document to the press? A member of the board would have done.
The same old trouble-makers circulate the boards of other Aboriginal Corporations and cause trouble to set up their own empires.
Advancing an amount against a future wage payment is not unusual. Something reeks here – and it is a few members of the CAALAS Board who are to blame.
And get this, an AGM is coming up soon, and more of the same trouble-makers are trying to get on to bolster the bad-guy numbers! I speak from direct experience with some of the existing board members.

Mbantua Fest: statement from Perkins, no news on debt payment
This ongoing saga is a disgrace to all of the suppliers, performers and staff who worked tirelessly to make this a success.

Rift deepens between Melky and the rest
Well done to the council. It is not an easy path to navigate.
The usual political support group emerges for a certain young councillor who is yet to prove his worth on anything beyond skateboards. Most committees are a waste of time and run at 30% efficiency.
They are usually the product of the leaders of each committee, and as such, any lacklustre or self-interested “performers” will generally entail a reluctance by others to take over or become involved. That is probably why the existing chairs were re-elected unopposed. 🙂

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