The story is clear: The Mbantua festival was out of …

Comment on Minister says ‘no’ to further Mbantua Festival grant by Tjangala.

The story is clear: The Mbantua festival was out of money before it even began. They have since drained the town of good will and enthusiasm towards Aboriginal organisations and events.
I manage a business which is owed significant funds from this venture, we were told directly after the event that it was a success and we were to be paid on time. We have been told every week to “wait until next week”.
As Jim said: Where is the money? Did it go to pay the Perkins family and friends a nice wage since the first payment was received from ABA?
How has this helped Aboriginal people? I know of a handful of dancers, artists and musicians who are yet to be paid for this. Remember this: “The Arrernte led festival brings together over 200 artists, elders and commentators from across the desert and beyond to give audiences an immersive experience of Indigenous culture unlike any other.”
Would have been great if they were paid sometime in 2013, looks like it might not be 2014.
Let’s open the books and see where all this $1,300,000 went, not to mention the reduced prices, good will, concessions donations given to the Mbantua directors (Krystal and Neville Perkins).
Investigate them I say.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor