Peter, regarding your comment, “Perhaps it is time for some …

Comment on ‘They are afraid for their children’ by Kieran Finnane.

Peter, regarding your comment, “Perhaps it is time for some other countries to take some of these people”, the main destination countries for new asylum seekers in 2011-12 were, in order, South Africa, USA, Germany, France, Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Kenya, Malaysia. The numbers at the top of the scale dwarf the claims made in Australia: out of a total world-wide estimated at 928,200, 82,000 new claims in South Africa, 55,100 in France. These figures are for asylum seekers as distinct from refugees of whom there were an estimated 10.5m.

There were 11,051 asylum seeker cases pending at the end of 2012 in Australia. This figure does not include boat arrivals, estimated at 9000-10,000, who were not able to lodge protection visa applications or had been transferred to other countries. In Kenya, 20,000 new claims were made.

The major hosting countries for refugees at the end of 2012 were, in order, Pakistan (at total of 1.64 million, mostly Afghans), Islamic Republic of Iran (mostly Afghans), Germany (a total of 589,700), Kenya, Syrian Arab Republic (for refugees from Iraq), Ethiopia, Chad, Jordan, China and Turkey.

My source is the United Nations High Commission for Refugees 2012 Statistical Yearbook.

Recent Comments by Kieran Finnane

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Cherie, as the article states, the council’s submission will reiterate its previously resolved opposition to fracking over the entire water control district.

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@John Bell, the committee is formed under the Local Government Act and is auspiced by the NT Department of Housing and Community Development. It is not a council committee. Your comments about lack of transparency are otherwise spot on.

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I haven’t seen the display at the Maritime Museum but I can imagine why a dugout canoe would be part of such a display if it is presenting an overview of Australian maritime history, for Indigenous watercraft were Australia’s original boats and Indigenous people, the first Australian seafarers.

I see from the museum’s website that it has a substantial collection of Indigenous watercraft (46 objects), as part of its Australian Register of Historic Vessels, which strives to be “the definitive online registry of historic vessels in Australia”. Inclusion of Indigenous watercraft is thus essential.

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@ Kylie Johnston. With respect, this is not a ‘media conversation’ but a report from a Town Council meeting open to the public.
Perhaps you will want to take up your concerns with Cr Auricht and Mr Doyle, whose comments are accurately reported.
Kind regards, Kieran Finnane.

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@ Alex Nelson. Councillor Paterson is mistaken. I have checked the audio of the meeting: he was clearly nominated by Cr Cocking and Cr de Brenni seconded the nomination.

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