I’m having a problem getting the numbers quoted in the …

Comment on Pilger review: Greens strike back by Hal Duell.

I’m having a problem getting the numbers quoted in the text of this story to add up.
If a household in Utopia has a weekly median income of $739 and an average size of 5.6 people, I make that $131.96 a week per person, not the $168/weekly as quoted.
And if the average mainstream household has a weekly median income of $1234 and an average size of 2.6 residents, I make that $474.61 a week per person, not the $577/weekly as quoted.
Either I am missing something, or I am misapplying the figures quoted.
Another question I have goes to the sources of the weekly average incomes, whatever the accurate figures are.
Is the average income in Utopia houses monies received from one or another CentreLink payment? And is the average income in mainstream houses monies received from one or another earned wage?
And in both cases is the full income per house being factored in? Royalties? Sales of art? Stock dividends? Bank interest? etc.
And one last question, admittedly a bit of a kicker – so what? No one is saying it’s a level playing field out there. But what many are saying is that the way forward is by paying more attention to the positive ideas coming from Noel Pearson than to the grizzling of John Pilger.
[ED – I changed the word above to “grizzling” from Hal’s original word. He sent the following note: “I used gristle, or gristling, on purpose. I don’t know if gristling is a word or not, but gristle is and I first heard it used shortly after I landed in Perth. A bloke I worked with on the Subiaco Council reckoned he was always getting gristle from the bosses. Always liked the imagery. Hal.]

Recent Comments by Hal Duell

The cost of booze
From the perspective of a dog walker, whatever the current government is doing to reduce at least the level of drinking in public, it’s working.
I used to carry two shopping bags to collect empties.
Now I carry one, and as often as not bring it home empty.
Nor am I seeing the windrows of empty plastic wine bottles.

Mating odour to catch feral cats
I agree, look at Camelicious. And not just milk, but meat and hides as well.
The time is not yet right for this, but with global weather patterns changing yearly, the time will come when Australia will de-stock cattle and sheep in large swathes of the Outback and restock with camels and goats.
Let’s hope we don’t shoot them all out as feral pests before we need them.
And then plow in all the cotton fields and replant with hemp for a better fibre from less water and fewer chemicals.

Rates may rise 3.5% but no civic centre swap in draft budget
I love it that the “gallery” has an interim director. Maybe similar to Venezuela having an interim president, or someone who is an interim boss over something that actually isn’t.
And now we learn that the NT government is seeking an Authority Certificate over the Civic Centre block from AAPA.
Say what?
And where is our Assange when we need him. Wouldn’t you love to know what those tricksters are up to in there?

Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
I think James T Smerk’s idea of a museum with two wings is one of the best and most novel suggestions I have heard.
Aside from a shared claim to Aboriginality, there is no unity within Aboriginal Australia.
Yet this has not kept them from remaining present and relevant despite having been caught in the tides of history some 250 years ago.
Let’s hear all the stories.

Looks like Wazza’s back
Jacinta was always on a hiding to nothing. Her own perceived sense of entitlement didn’t help her cause, but she was up against Snowdon who arguably doesn’t do much between elections, but once every three years he does win elections, and he wins them well.
The question now is, will Jacinta return to Council?

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